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Our preparation chillers have been designed to blow chilled air over the pans, to ensure consistent temperatures are maintained. Easy-clean preparation areas and removable sliding night covers are additional food safety features. Can be supplied with varying pan numbers to suit your individual needs.

Features & Benefits:
  • Unique front breathing refrigeration system and electronics are easy to access and service.
  • Ideal for use in high ambient temperatures.
  • Shielded electronic controller with simple to use digital temperature display.
  • Heated fascia to eliminate condensation.
Product Details
  • Model:
  • Integral/Remote:
  • Chiller/Freezer:
  • Gross Volume:
    260 litres
  • Total Shelf Area:
    0.63 m2 (excludes base)
  • Floor Area:
    0.93 m2
  • Operating Temperature:
    +1°C to +5°C for up to 4hours in up to 30°C ambient (lids off)
Dimensions (mm):
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Depth: